Car Finger LED Light


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Car Finger LED Light

Revolutionize road communication, offering a fun and unique way to send messages to fellow drivers.

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😏 Express yourself on the road

😜 Fun & Unique way of communication with other drivers

😎Stand out among other drivers


New Unique & Fun way of Communication.

Make your driving sessions more fun and enjoyable.

High-Quality LED Technology

The product utilizes advanced LED technology, providing high-quality lighting with a total light effect.

Bright Illumination for Day and Night Use

Comprised of 176 LED lamp beads, the gesture car gadget ensures bright and clear visibility during both daytime and nighttime conditions.

Remote Control Convenience

The product comes with a remote control for easy and convenient operation.

How To Use:


Tear off the tape on the Gesture lamp and remote control. Clean the desired installation area in advance. Paste the Gesture lamp and remote control in your ideal place. Press firmly for 30 seconds to ensure secure attachment.

Powering On:

Insert three AA batteries (not included) into the Gesture handheld device and the remote control. Turn on the Gesture lamp using the remote control.
Choose from the three available gesture modes using the remote control.

Selecting Modes:

Use the gesture modes to send messages to other drivers in a unique and entertaining way.