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Scalpy® - Head Massager

Scalpy® - Head Massager

"Improve hair health & growth, regain Confidence."

📉 Reduce Hair Loss Naturally (Without medication)

💇🏻‍♀️ Grow Healthier & Thicker Hair

🤤 Experience stress relief (Enhance sleep, Well-being, & Quality of Life)

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Unlock Strong, Thick & Healthy Hair with this Secret

When we're stressed, our scalp gets tight, which slows down blood flow and messes with our hair.

Scalpy helps by making blood flow better to our hair roots, relaxing the scalp, and giving our hair the necessary nutrients that it needs to grow strong, full, and shiny.

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  • Improved Scalp Health

    Scalpy cleans your scalp, getting rid of yucky stuff like dead skin, flakes, and gunk from products. Doing this often keeps your head and hair healthy.

  • Increased Hair Thickness

    Scalpy makes hair thicker and fuller by stretching the cells and promoting blood flow in hair follicles . This makes the roots grow more hair that looks thicker and fuller.

  • Enhanced Hair Growth

    Scalpy helps blood move better to your head and gives more oxygen and nutrients to the hair roots. This makes your hair healthier and stops it from getting thin.

Reduce Stress & Feel Relaxation

A scalp massage is the ultimate refreshing massage that you can get. It has the power to decrease blood pressure, heart rate, and levels of stress hormones.

Scalpy also notably diminishes the occurrence and severity of stress-related headaches. By easing tension and encouraging relaxation, the massage works wonders in combating stress headaches.

How To Use:

STEP ONE: Just switch on the device and gently move it across your scalp to cover every part. Adjust the massage speed using the power button.

STEP TWO: Massage your scalp for 5 minutes each day, whether your hair is wet or dry. For an extra cleanse, use it during shampooing to deeply purify your hair.

STEP THREE: For enhanced results during your scalp massage, consider using hair oil. Jojoba or sweet almond oils are excellent options as they won't block your pores.

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Enhance Sleep, Well-being, and Quality of Life. 💙

  • 96% - Found scalp massager as calming and stress-relieving.
  • 89% - Observed significant enhancement in hair health and density.
  • 91% - Experienced better, longer and deeper sleep after using the scalp massager.

*Attention: Our massager is in high demand and supplies are limited.

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Top Features

  • Benefits of Red Light: Scalpy's 630-nanometer red light setting penetrates deep into the skin. This red light therapy reduces inflammation, promoting faster and stronger hair growth.
  • Water-Resistant: With its IPX-7 waterproof rating, Scalpy is suitable for use on wet or dry hair, even in the shower.
  • Tangle-Free: Scalpy is thoughtfully crafted from premium materials for safe use on all hair types. Our intelligent scalp massager prevents tangles and breakage!

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Everything you need to know about Scalpy™, answered here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it tangle my hair?

No! Scalpy is safe to use for all hair types. The unique silicone massage nodes are tangle-free and won't cause breakage.

How does it work?

Scalpy unique massage technique relieves tension in your scalp and dilates the blood vessels underneath your scalp. With more blood flowing through your head, the follicles receive more oxygen and nutrients, which promotes the growth of strong, thick and healthy hair.

Additionally, as blood begins to circulate around the head, headaches will be reduced and you will feel relaxed which helps combat stress and anxiety.

How long will it take to see the results?

Most of our customers see a reduction in hair loss and an improvement in hair health/thickness within the first 45 days.

After 2 months of consistent use, a significant improvement will be noticeable.

Can I use it in the shower?

Of Course.With IPX-7 level waterproof protection, Scalpy can be used safely in the shower or in bath.

How do I charge the massager?

Place the massager on the charging base which shall be connected with the product's original USB cable.

When you charge the product, the white indicator will flicker, and then be ON when it's fully charged.

During the charging process, it will not work. If you charge it during its working process, it will automatically enable its self-protection program and stop working.