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Triangle Cleaning Mop 360°

Triangle Cleaning Mop 360°

"Reach Every Corner & Clean Most Stubborn Dirt."


😎 Reduce cleaning time & Improve efficiency

🤭 Tackle Tricky Corners with Ease

😏 Clean Effortlessly with adjustable Length & Lightweight Design

🥰 Gentle on Walls, Floors, Cabinets & Windows

🤩 Designed for all Types of Surfaces

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The Only Multifunctional Tool That You Will Ever Need To Clean Your Whole House!

Designed for seniors.

Comfortable Design

  • 360° Mop - Reach every corner effortlessly with the 360° Swivel Mop.
  • Adjustable handle designed specially for Seniors:
    Adjust the mop's height to your liking for the most comfortable cleaning session.
  • Cleaning made easy:
    Easily clean your space, minimizing strain and discomfort.

Wringing Done Hands-Free

  • Quickly and easily wring the mop:
    After a few wrings, the microfiber mop pad instantly dries & is ready to mop again.
  • Enjoy cleaning without the mess:
    Say goodbye to heavy buckets, say hello to hassle free cleaning sessions.
  • Quick drying:
    Floors dry in no time, ensuring safety and simplicity for seniors.

Effectively Removes Dirt and Dust

  • Versatile:
    Move Easily & Quickly between rooms, perfect for seniors.
  • Complete 360° Access:
    Clean everywhere without missing any spots, designed for seniors to use effortlessly.

Absorbs Liquid Quickly & Effectively

  • Every Triangle Cleaning Mop 360° comes with a special cloth* that soaks up water super fast.

*Machine-washable, to be replaced every 2-3 months for hygiene reasons

Why Choose Us?

Our Triangle Cleaning Mop 360° in comparison with others similar mops.

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  • Effectively reach Ceiling

    The longer pole lets you clean hard-to-reach spots like the ceiling without hurting your back or losing balance.

  • Flexible Cleaning

    The triangle-shaped mop head makes it easy to clean corners and tight spots, and the no-hands wringing feature ensures you clean up all the dirt.

  • Made out of Long-Lasting & Durable materials

    The Triangle Cleaning Mop 360° is made to stay strong, using good materials and strong construction that can handle tough cleaning jobs.


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Everything you need to know about Triangle Cleaning Mop 360°, answered here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What surfaces can I clean with this mop?

Literally almost anything! It is suitable for Stone, Tile, Laminate, Hardwood, Vinyl, Bamboo, Cement, Baseboard and Drywall.

What is the material of the mop made of?

The mop's rod is made with stainless steel rod, while the handle and surfaces are made with ABS plastic. The detachable mop head is made of microfiber material that has strong water absorption.

How long can the mop extends?

52 inches, and when you combine it with your own height, you'll be able to reach most ceilings!

What is the size of the mop head?

About 10.6" or 27cm

How heavy is the mop?

1Lbs / 16 ounces / 450g

How often should I change the mop pads?

We recommend that the mop pads to be changed every 2 to 4 months for hygiene reasons. A set of 5 additional mop pads is a convenient way to ensure you have enough for the entire upcoming year.